Tradesmans Choice - PB Swiss

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Tradesmans Choice - PB Swiss

Post by Tank » Thu Aug 08, 2013 4:28 pm

A couple of people have asked me where to buy decent tools. The snag with decent tools is that usually Quality=Expensive
Well I have bought from Mark at - he also has the" onclick=";return false; website - and I ended up there because I discovered that all of the leading Gun manufacturers, along with ancilliary equipment providers like Champion Glasses - have most of their tools made for them by PB Swiss. If you have a pair of Champion shooting glasses the small Hex wrench that comes with them is made by PB Swiss.
Mark is a great guy to deal with and there is a very good warranty with all of these tools. Not only good tools but great service too!
I’m going off to go find myself. If I’m not back by the time I return, keep me here.

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