Badges, pins and medals.

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Badges, pins and medals.

Post by RobinC » Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:15 pm

Since joining this site I've been impressed with the enthusiasm of the collectors and those who just love the old guns and accessories. I was not really in this category, my wife and I have both shot competitively for 40 years, with some success, (mostly my wife!) and we retired from shooting to pursue other interests some twenty years ago and then returned to shooting five years ago as a retirement pastime.
The air guns we have I did not think were a collection of classics but just our guns that we used, kept when we bought new ones and moved on. Our firearms of those times were sold as we surrendered our certs but the air rifles and pistols just sat in store. But now I discover that with a few exceptions(which we foolishly sold and now are searching for again!) that we have a time capsule of our shooting carreers.
Yes, we have modern guns, our current shooting guns are state of the art, in air, small bore and fullbore, but now enthused by you guys our oldies are also re emerging.
We still win today (again mostly the wife!) although the awards medals with a few exceptions are a bit rubbishy and a lot of the current ones go straight into a box, only the nice national ones are kept for display, and amongst the seven current trophies won this year by her in doors include a beautiful Silver Cup presented in 1909 to the county association by the then Prince of Wales, later to be King George V. Of particular interest to you guys would be the County Air rifle award which she is determined to win for as long as possible as it is a beautiful model of an Original 65, presented to the association in 1973 as the trophy. The man who made it borrowed my wifes rifle of the time as a pattern so she is proud to win it again.
Seeing Phil's post on the CW games pin made me think about our old pins, badges and medals, all of which had been stored away in a box many many years ago, so I dug them out!
When I saw them it was a "what have I started" moment! Quite what to do with them I really don't know and there are too many to display, I shall have to lay them out and photograph them at least.
Embroidered badges.
Initial ones I have found total 15 not counting the various duplications, they include my wifes GB team Blazer badge, her Queens prize finalist badge, and various foreign national team amd club team badges and some NSRA county team award badges. these date from the mid 1970's
Pins and enameled badges.
These total 50 including duplicates and I'm still finding them, they are from foreign national teams, , and they are many and varied from Europe, Canada, and Russia, and there are international competitions pins from Europe including some Moscow Olympic ones which are duplicated. There is one from the European Air weapons championships in London in 1975. Most date from the mid 70's
International Medals.
There are 30 found to date from Holland, Germany and Austria (all my wifes!) won in air rifle, and smallbore, individual and in teams dating from mid to late 1970's through to the late 80's. Some are really beautiful, showing up the tacky medals often presented troday.
National medals.
These are again mostly you know who, small bore and air from the NSRA, ESSU English smallbore shooting Union), and BFRC (British Free Rifle Club) dating from the 1970's, although there is a really nice "Pistol 78" distinction medal that must have been me as she does not shoot pistol!
NRA Fullbore rifle medals.
They total 24 and are prize list medals from the Imperial meetings, these date from the 70/80's and at last some were mine! Also County team medals from winning teams at the Imperial, and some English twenty medals from winning open county shoots.
They will probably all be dumped back in a box now for another twenty years but if any one is interested I can photograph things although it will require one of you clever PC types to edit the picture to get it to a size that can be posted.
Nostagically Yours,

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Re: Badges, pins and medals.

Post by pmh » Mon Dec 23, 2013 3:53 pm

It's good you kept these.

One thing the British are good at its tradition, and the longer we can keep this past time, and all is associations, a live then all the better for the future.

It would be good to see some pictures of all that you have amassed.

Kind regards,

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