I used to be a .22 man!

Postal competitions using spring, SSP, or MSP air pistols, that can be shot at home or in a club.
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Re: I used to be a .22 man!

Post by zooma » Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:02 pm

Hi Ian,

If you are still reading this you may like to know that we now have a .22 section in our 6 yard MPL series - and hardly anyone has gone for it!

Support your .22 caliber I say by joining this competition and don't let me get away with calling everyone's bluff by proving there is no support for any air pistol competition for .22 caliber - because if this happens I (and others) will be justified in proclaiming there is no support for running a .22 air pistol competition ever again as nobody is interested :snooty:

The competition starts this month and late comers are always welcome to join and catch-up when they can :D
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