6 Yard MPL Postal Competition - Rules and Practice Target

Postal competitions using spring, SSP, or MSP air pistols, that can be shot at home or in a club.
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6 Yard MPL Postal Competition - Rules and Practice Target

Post by pmh » Sat May 04, 2013 12:04 pm

Based upon an original concept by Bob (zooma).

The proposed rules so far.........

The MPL 6 Yard Postal Competition.

This is an air pistol competition that can be shot at home or in a club at 6 yards by any individual that can shoot the match cards legally and safely with a signature to confirm they have been shot by the competitor with a single unsupported hand hold on the pistol at six yards distance.

The competition is open to anyone who can shoot the cards to the appropriate MPL rules described here, and who can ensure the shot cards are received by the scorer at the end of each month. The cards can be handed-in at any RMTC club meeting or posted back to the address provided in the Entry Pack.


1. The competition will be shot on 6 yard Air 8 targets.

2. All the targets required to complete each 6 month series will be provided in the entry pack.

3. Spare Air 8 targets will be made available to purchase if required for practice. Bulk target supplies are available from the NSRA.

Pistols and pellets.

1. Any single shot .177 air pistol that complies with the main MPL rules will be eligible for this competition - if in doubt, please check the main MPL rules.

2. Only semi-wadcutter (flat nosed) pellets should be used to give clear cut holes in the Air 8 targets. Round nose pellets will not give a clean enough cut to permit clear scoring, and cards that cannot be scored will be given a zero score.

3. BB's and any pellet other than .177 calibre are specifically banned from this competition.


1. Six targets need to be shot each month with 5 shots on each = total possible score of 300 ex 300.

2. All targets are to be shot single handed (unsupported) at 6 yards by the shooter himself or herself.

3. The targets can be shot at any time during the month, but it is the shooters responsibility to ensure they arrive back to the scorer before the end of each competition month.


1/. All shooters should score their own shot targets and email the scores to us at the end of each month. Shot cards can also have the scores checked or even scored by another competitor if you have this option and prefer not to score your own.

2/. If you have a shot that is difficult to score or you are not sure of, please show it to another competitor or try and resolve it yourself. If you have any doubt - always score yourself down rather than up so you can gain a workable average you can repeat or try to improve upon in the future.

3/. A simple email such as the example below with your name and the competition month concerned with the scores displayed as shown here is all we need to record your score at the end of each month. Please also let us know what pistol and pellets you used to shoot your cards with.

Ian Bloggs. June 2013. 38 + 34 + 37 + 41 + 44 + 39 = 233. GAMO Centre. Hobby pellets.

4/.You should keep your cards safe for 2 months after they are shot as some may be requested for random checking. Any requested cards should be posted to us, and if they are not available they will be given a zero score.

5/. To avoid any time wasting, any challenges for a disputed score must be accompanied with a cash payment for £5. This will be refunded in full in the event of a successful challenge, but donated to RMTC funds if unsuccessful.

Leagues and Results.

1. After the first round is completed, all entrants will be graded into groups of similar scoring competitors, and this may be revised after the second round if it is thought necessary. The size of the groups (each class) will depend on how many entrants are received.

2. The results from each group (class) will be listed with the final positions finalised after the final round of each 6 month series.

Live Finals.

1.Competitiors will be invited at the end of each series to shoot in a live shoulder to shoulder competition at RMTC (or other venue to be decided) to give everyone the opportunity to see how their scores compare to those achieved in the postal competition.

2.Prizes will be given to all winners at the live finals.


The entry pack will cost £10.00 collected, £12.00 posted, and will include all 36 targets with the official stamp/sticker already applied to enable each contestant to complete a full 6 month competition.

A commemorative competition sticker to fix to your pistol grip will be included in the entry pack.

Packs of one larger sticker to stick on your pistol case and another 3 pistol grip stickers can be bought at any time for £1.50 (when included with your Target Pack).

Additional packs of 50 targets, for practice purposes, can be bought for £7.00 (this includes £2.00 for postage).

The e-mail address to send your scores to has now been set up, and is:-

[email protected]

This address can also be used to pay entry fees with, via Paypal.

A practice target is available >here<. Make sure you select "Actual size" before printing.

Kind regards,

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