had to post this here as well

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had to post this here as well

Post by RUSS » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:31 pm

I sent a email to Record in the hope that they might be able to put me in contact with someone who has parts for the old Jumbo pistol ... Day's went by and no reply, so I re sent the email and again day's went by with no reply. Now I know Record are still in business so what's the problem in replying to a valid question sent via email? At this point my opinion of Record was not so good thoughts like stupid company not even bothered to reply, how do they stay in business and how can they be so rude ... you get the idea, then this morning out of the blue I get a package in the post, well to say my faith and opinions have been restored is literally a massive understatement. In the package we have the spare screws required, multiple 'o' rings and the best bit not only a piston seal but it comes with a new piston as well To say that I am totally blown away ... I am so grateful to Record now I can get my Jumbo working again. The cost was most impressive as well, just 12.50 euro (about £10.60) including the post. What a fantastic service, I can not praise them high enough. Russ
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